She Bleeds!

She is calm,

But when she bleeds,

She is like a dam,

Life goes on when she bleeds

Seven days a week,

Yet out in the stars,

She is smiling,

Ready to start.

Although it’s drowning.

She has blood,

Which trickles out,

It demands attention

Even if she washes or flush it out,

It demands to be seen, smelt and felt

It demands her to be there.

Oh, the fear to be seen

To be discarded,

She fades away.

She will see the light

When she walks beside

She saw the cycle of life,

Her blood to be seen,

It’s gold, It holy water

Which needs to be down.

I can see the lava flowing down,

When she saw in the mirror,

She felt she is rare,

She is a woman,

And yes, she bleeds!


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